Is this Fender Thumb Rest Original 1960's-70's ?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Fender4Me, Sep 4, 2020.

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    I bought this as an original 60's-70's Fender thumb rest but the underside looks wrong to me. The ones Ive seen have the small brace between the screw channels. Is this original Fender? If so, what era? 60's? Thanks
    021.JPG 022.JPG
  2. Fender4Me

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    Im thinking 1980's ?
  3. mikeswals

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    Nov 18, 2002
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    Orginals are satin or dull. that one is very glossy and shiny.
    That one could be a MIJ that came with a 70's Ibby Musician. I saved the finger rest that came with my '79 Musician.

    Look at the lip or ridge around the top of the screw hole openings in this picture. All my orginal 60's and 70's finger rests had that lip.


    and another

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    Sep 22, 2020
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    Not Fender.
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