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  1. Alright so today I was finally in need of new bass strings. I typically use Elixir Nanowebs, but since I was short on cash I had to go for some Rotosound Swing Bass 66's. Don't get me wrong, now the rotos are some nice sounding strings but I went to practice with my band today and after two to three hours of practice the rotos were completely dead. And I mean no top end at all. They sounded like flats. Can someone really have such bad acid hands that they kill strings this quick? Also, are there any solutions on reducing oil/sweat production on the hands? lol someone help me! Thanks
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    you are gonna die...;)
  3. Seems feasible. Buy some Denatured alcohol from your local hardware store and get an old t-shirt. Wet the shirt with some of the denatured juice and wipe the strings down after you play. This will work wonders for keeping up your string life span. Hope this helps!
  4. Actually, I have tried the denatured alcohol. I made a PVC tube with hooks installed in a cap on top so the strings can sit in the alcohol. It does work with rotos but I tried it with elixirs only to find it made the elixirs more dead. Usually the elixirs last me a month or two.
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    That's some impressive sweat.
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    It's a common report on Rotosound RS-66 strings. I tried two sets years ago from different jobbers to ensure they were from different batches. Both died very fast. At one gig the guitar player asked why I'd kept turning down the highs on my bass through the first set. Many famous RS-66 users and endorser made no bones about changing strings every day. John Entwistle once, when asked what strings he used said "Rotosounds. I have to, I invented them. And I change them every day." Chris Squire changed them every day too. Anthony Jackson, while working on an Al DiMeola album chandge them EVERY TAKE!

    They work for some folks, and a lot of players used them because they were the only stainless steel roundwound bass string available for a long time. But between the notoriously short life, and the abrasive and coarse outer wrap the does eat frets pretty quickly, I find that there are other SS rounds that work better for me.

    Like, for example DR Hi-Beams, GHS Super Steels (and Lakland's SS sets), and D'Addario's XLS series of stainless strings. My favorites for the last six years or so have been DR's, the round core ones.

  7. i had a similar experience, I blame it on the incredible tendency elixir strings have to stay COMPLETELY new sounding for months. If i use another string, after a few hours they dont sound like they did right out of the package, and to me it seems "dead" because I am just used to the way the elixirs behave and stay consistent.

    not everyone likes elixirs, but some people who do (such as myself) cant stand how other strings break in quickly and then dont last as long.