Is this possible?

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  1. Hey you guys who know more about gear. I'm a "doubler", sometimes playing both the electric and double bass on the same gig.

    So, my plan is to be able to play the electric bass, with an external rack preamp, going into the amps effects loop passing the preamp section AND the double bass going straight to the amp input NOT passing the preamp...

    Is this going to work somehow, shall any modifications be done?
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    What amp, specifically? It'll work fine in most cases if the EFX loop is parallel, but if it's series (a bit more common) it'll take a mod or external widget to make it happen.
  3. High Camp

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    Oct 3, 2013
    I would suggest the following:
    1) Bassguitar:
    Bassguitar - VT Bass pedal (with a nice setting) on - pre-amp set flat - poweramp - cab.
    2) doublebass:
    Double Bass - VT bass pedal off - pre-amp set flat - poweramp - cab.
    >> in this setting you only need to switch the cable (maybe the pre-amp can be taken of off the chain...)
    Just a thought.
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    An A/B/Y switcher would come in handy too :)