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Is this possible???

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by morty25, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. hey, i was wondering if you could attach a bass head to a guitar cab e.g. peavey bass head to a marshall guitar cab??? would this destroy the cab??? or is it better buying a bass cab?? i know that steve harris (iron maiden) uses trace elliot heads and marshall cabs.
  2. It'll hose the speakers. Get a bass cab.
  3. I once played a gig in some church gymnasium where I had to do just that.

    Evidently, when you politely ask the drummer to grab your 2x10 that sits at his practice space, he still forgets! Anyways... yeah... thankfully, we had a backup guitar amp... I don't remember why, but we did.

    I had to borrow the guitar player's (actually belonged to the trumpet player) marshall lead 4x10 cab and ran my Peavey T-Max head into it. My tone was pretty mediocre, but it got us through. I don't even think I ran a DI that night.

    The speakers didn't fry, and I treated the amp and cab with a delicate touch... kept the lows flat I believe... (had such thin tone... so glad I play SansAmp/Eden setups now... and always bring my own gear)

    It won't kill it under light use... but man... not a good idea!


  4. I know it's EV speakers he uses - so, not the original Celestion speakers that come in Marshall cabs. Maybe they're Marshall bass cabs, and the speakers might be EV speakers! Just a thought!

    Also, he used to use Hi Watt amps, last time I saw them, it was all Hi Watt!

    If they are guitar cabs and speakers - well, ge can afford to fix 'em if he breaks 'em;)
  5. It is much better to buy a bass cab. Playing bass through a guitar cabinet would be like playing Tuba with a trumpet mouth piece. Guitar speakers are optomized for a totally different frequency range than bass speakers. Guitar speakers just can't move enough air to be effective as bass speakers. If you pump up the bass in the amp to compensate for this lack, then you will (in time) damage the speakers. I'm not saying that it hasn't been done. We've all had to us mis matched equipment from time to time in a pinch.
  6. And, of course, in the early days bassists only had guitar cabs to use. Many of those drive units are still about / still in production (Celestion frinstance). So, yes, it can be done. Take care, though.


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