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Is this that classic Fender P-Bass sound?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by terribilino, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. terribilino


    Nov 22, 2008
    And would I be able to get something similar with a Yamaha BB414? I read somewhere it had a kind of Fender Precision thump to it, and it's all I could afford right now. That or a Squier. I'm very, very torn.

    Dusty Springfield - Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart

    Click here http://www.lastfm.it/music/Dusty+Springfield/_/Take+Another+Little+Piece+of+My+Heart and press play in the top right hand corner. Only 30 seconds, but it's enough.
  2. EDIT: Nvm

    If you wanna hear good classic P tone, check this out.

    In a music setting check out the wall by pink floyd
  3. J. Crawford

    J. Crawford

    Feb 15, 2008
    But its still, IMO, what a P should sound like. :smug:;)
  4. Terribilino, I can't tell if that's a P-bass in that Dusty Springfield recording, because it's too far back in the mix.

    I also can't prove that this is a P-bass, but it sure sounds like a Pre-CBS Precision with flatwounds and being played with a pick. Listen beginning at :37 on the clock.

    A friend of mine had a '65 Precision which I played many times, and this is exactly what it sounded like.

  5. yea that def sounds like a p to me. Muted with flats,being played with a pick.
  6. terribilino


    Nov 22, 2008
    Good ear! I never would have guessed it was being played with a pick. Thanks for the link, too.
  7. terribilino


    Nov 22, 2008
    So no one can tell me if a Yamaha could manage this with flats? Just say yes.
  8. LCW

    LCW Banned

    Mar 2, 2009
    Probably but for the price why not get a classic vibe squier there 350$ how much is the yamaha
  9. terribilino


    Nov 22, 2008
    50 bucks more, I think.
  10. srh

    srh saahweet

    Dec 8, 2006
    New Jersey
    bottom line man, every bass will sound different. it is all in your fingers, one person can play "bass a" with flat settings and make it sound one way and another person can play the same "bass a" and have it sound completly different. My advice to you is to find a bass that just feels right to you.
  11. terribilino


    Nov 22, 2008
    Fair enough.
  12. Would you be able to get a similar tone?

    I think so. It's been a few years since I played one of these, but the tone was similar to a P-bass.

    It wasn't quite as warm as the bass in the Alan Parsons video, but close enough.

    The bass below was my first 5 string, a BBN5 II. $400 brand new, and the construction was very good, as was the tone. I ended up giving it away, but my point being Yamaha quality is excellent at any price level.

    I would recommend Yamaha to anyone.

    Good luck.

  13. Surly


    Feb 2, 2007
    South Florida
    Any Precision bass with flats (or possibly pure nickel rounds) for the most part.
  14. joebingo


    Aug 23, 2006
    London, UK
    Now that is a tone, I always wondered what these basses sounded like, and they sound goooood!
  15. SmileyJack


    Apr 25, 2008
    If it's a choice between the Yamaha BB414 or Squier P-bass, go for the Yamaha. Both can get that P-bass thump but with the Yamaha you have the extra option of dialing in a bit of growl to your sound.
    I've had the Squier P-bass for 2 years and I've had both the knobs repeatedly fall off (I don't even bother with them now) the tone pot disintegrate, a dead spot (7th fret, G string) and a buzzing at the 6th fret of my E-string (I had to stick a piece of card between the string and the nut because the nut won't come out).
    Seriously man, pick the Yamaha. I plan to upgrade to a BB615 by the end of the year.
  16. TrevorOfDoom


    Jun 17, 2007
    Austin, TX
    which Squier P? they're not all created equal. the Classic Vibe or Vintage Modified are well worth the money. pretty much everything else they make really isn't. (IMO)

    *i don't mean to invalidate your opinion. far from it, really. Squier has carried a bad name, deservedly so, for a long time. but a good deal of the new stuff is high quality and deserves to be given a fair shake-down, i think*

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