Is this the "blending pot" I need to replace a 3 way switch..?

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  1. I'm new to wiring pickups/pots and wanting to blend between pickups instead of choosing one, the other or both with the 3 way switch I currently have. So I might try replacing the 3 way switch with this blending pot but was hoping someone could confirm this is what I need. I know I need split shaft fine spline and the other volume and tone pots I'm using are 500K if that matters...

    BOURNS 500K Split Shaft Audio Pot Potentiometer Blend Balance NEW Guitar Part | eBay
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    Here is another option: Richter Blend Control - Best Bass Gear

    If you’re new to wiring you may appreciate the convenience of the screw terminals. It’s pricey, but sometimes I don’t mind paying extra for convenience and flexibility, and perhaps you might feel the same way.