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Is this USA Jazz I took in on trade legit?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dukeisdog, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Recently traded an amp I'm no longer using to a guy for a fender jazz + cash. The bass looks and plays great, and overall is great quality with the only issue being that the (aftermarket?) Control plate is not fully in line with the picguard. It sounds killer and growly with the noiseless pickups and audere pre in it.

    I was told it was assembled from parts but it's a 2008 body and neck with the hi mass bridge. I'm not really a fender guy so based on look and feel I took the trade. Hope I didn t make a mistake.

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  2. Looks like an American Standard body and neck, not sure what's in it. Depending on year, IMO, a stock model, used would be $750 to $900.
  3. Looks legit to me. There's a different setup going on with the knobs. Maybe he changed the guts a little. As for the control plate being a little out of line, all mine have been like that. I think they do it on purpose.
  4. The MIA Jazz I used to own had a little offset control plate, and I know it wasn't a fake (bought it new in store). Yours looks to fit the bill, if not you can email Fender the serial and ask them to check.
  5. GBassNorth


    Dec 23, 2006
    Legit or not, it looks great! What's the control layout? The Audere preamps are Fantastic. Many people would consider that preamp a huge upgrade in the bass.
  6. I agree that it looks legit except for the knobs and possibly the guts.
  7. Nothing about that sounds like a mistake to me. If you love it, the quality is great, and it sounds amazing, who really cares what exactly it is?

    Enjoy your new bass!!!
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  8. Looking to trade or sell for a 5 string at this point. I have a new toy for now and it's a great sounding bass but I'm a 5 string guy. Just wanted to make sure the trade was fair value wise. Thanks a lot, guys.
  9. Gotcha. Well in that case the provenance of the bass does matter, unfortunately. Still sounds from the comments above that it is what you were told it is, so trade value should be decent. :)
  10. Sounds like a great deal!

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