Is this Warwick German? No Made in Germany stamp..

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by lilcoffeebeen, Dec 3, 2021.

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    Gonna jump in here again, just because :)...

    I agree that the wenge necks are the holy grail of Warwick basses. I've owned 6 Warwicks. All wenge except for 2, and take wenge over ANYTHING else on any bass, any day. I love the feel, I love the vibe, they're the most rock solid necks in any of my bass collection (I never have to adjust them), and they just seem to have a spirit and sound that I don't feel/hear in any other bass neck. That of course is my opinion.

    The bubinga body I might be inclined to say the same about, except for the fact that the weight of it makes that bass a beast. Even when I had no lower back issues and jumped around a stage lots, that bass weighed on me. I believe the bubinga however added to the deep dark sound that came out of that thing. When I bought my Corvette I A-B-C'd it with a bunch of other basses in the bass specific room at Rudy's music in NYC. It was just me and the guy whose name I forgot. I played a bunch of Warwicks, as well as other basses - and what I wanted more than anything was a deep sounding bass, with lots of balls. The Corvette won hands down. A Dolphin may have beat it (also made of bubinga at the time), but I didn't even pick it up as it was out of my price range.

    But that's not even what I came here to say...

    I you love, love, LOVE your Fender - and never played a Warwick, you may be very surprised. To say they are completely different animals may be an understatement, IMO. They play, feel and sound nothing alike. There's a warm, gooey sound you can get out of a Jazz bass that a Warwick doesn't really do all that well. All my Warwicks had a grow (that I loved), but it was tough to escape if I wanted to. Which brings me to my next point...

    If you could hold off on pulling the trigger, you MIGHT want to wait for an active Corvette. I don't have any experience with passive ones, but my active also had a push pull passive, and I never used it in passive mode. It lost all its character. Looking back, maybe that would have gotten it a bit more into the Fender territory, lol? I dunno...

    RE the studio and a P bass, again IMO, any studio person who insists on the use of a P bass I think is stuck in the past and/or lazy. I've been in the studio lots, with lots of different basses, and never once had my bass choice questioned. And with that said, this entire album was recorded with my Corvette... The Warwick shines in all of them, but listening back, Road Rage, and Television are probably my favs regarding bass sound.

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  2. lilcoffeebeen


    May 27, 2019
    Atlanta Ga
    Love that insight. I am def in the local market poking around but the trade is off. I will make a point to branch out and try a Warwick the very next opportunity one pops up around me at an average price. For now I’m kicking tires.
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  3. lilcoffeebeen


    May 27, 2019
    Atlanta Ga
    The Jazz Bass is ok. I am not in love with it. Just a really pretty and really nice fender American deluxe. It’s on Craigslist just testing waters while I try to bond with it.
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  4. fishdude101101


    Oct 15, 2020
    Why do they lose so much value?
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