Isn't Inspiration the Holy Grail?

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  1. I have been thinking about this a lot over the past few weeks, and I even posted about it as below in another thread.

    After careful consideration, I realized that this may be the core issue with many of us TB'ers and and our GAS and our basic motivation in moving onwards and hopefully upwards with respect to our always changing bass purchases. Aren't we all looking to pick up that instrument and realize core INSPIRATION? I mean, isn't that what it is ultimately all about?

    "It's all about inspiration. We all need to be inspired. Every time you pick up your instrument, you crave that feeling of being transported - to be carried away to a place where you can lose yourself completely for a while - write a song, nail a part or create an amazing new one - run scales or simply do finger exercises - or better yet, let your fingers go and see where they will take you.

    What inspires you may not inspire me. Some people are inspired with basses that carry them back in time, and may look weathered and beaten with a complicated and fascinating history - other are inspired by exotic wood - satin or gloss - or simply shiny new paint - and of course, there is anything and everything in between.

    Some are amazed at the inspiration they get for a cheap ride, others like to break the bank to get their inspiration - spending thousands upon thousands of dollars. It's fascinating.....Probably why I spend time here - to drink in the profound diversity...."

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    I post on here to try to stem the tide of gross misinformation ;)

    But you're right. It doesn't matter what you're inspired by. All that matters is you're inspired. All of it inspires me, from the highest to the lowest.
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    "Highest to lowest"? Come on Boomie, you KNOW that playing a Radio Shack bass into an SVT refrigerator is like... well it's like that bottle of Soy sauce I have with the label printed in Spanish! Just something not quite right about it!

    But you are correct. For me GAS is all about inspiration. GAS answers your questions like "what it is about fretl;ess basses?" "What is it about 7 strings? " "Are Fender basses really special?" "why doesn't Fender sell a P.J 5 string?" "Is there anything cool you can do with an 8 string (octave courses) bass?" and on and one. And of course the only way to answer these speculations is to just buy one and try it for a while. Sure lots of times whatever it is isn't "me", but sometimes it is and whan it is it's a good long source of inspiration!
  5. Ahhhh, fretless.... I sold my last one to finance another bass. Need another, and soon. Still wanting an unlined maple fretless P, but it's more for looks than anything else. If I had the money, I'd have some truly inspiring gear ;)

    TOOBS. Many glowing, glorious TOOBS. crank 'em hot, point the speakers to the rest of the world and let 'em know I'm there.
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    A rather quixotic quest, no? Inspiration may indeed be the holy grail, but does it really originate in buying stuff? :meh:

    To me, the "core issue" is when people try to find inspiration in buying new toys rather than playing the instruments they already have. That serves no one but the gear manufacturers and dealers.

    And lest I should come off preachy, just check my profile. I'm as guilty as anyone. :D
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    My GAS has absolutely nothing to do with inspiration. I'm most inspired to play the instruments I've had the longest or have spent the most time setting up to perfection. Good gear I don't have to think about is the best inspiration. That and bandmates that an't total **** heads. I honestly think my GASSING is a combination of hoarding and I can afford the variety so I do so. I'd probably be a better player if I stuck to one bass, I've been trying to do that lately.
  8. Like I said, what inspires you may not inspire me. My instruments are pretty diverse and each has it's own story to tell.

    Maybe sounds crazy but when I pick one up, it is a totally different experience than each of the others. Each instrument has it's own personality and inspires me in a totally different way. I may have 16 but I don't flip em, I play 'em. I play 'em all and they all push me in different directions.


    Actually I don't know why I am even trying to put something into words, that really can't really be put into words.

    If we could talk about music and it's essence, there wouldn't be much of a reason to play it.

    Forgive the original post....