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ISO Fretless Neck, Swap Fretted

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Count Bassie, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I have an unusually cool 'A' type Squire P-Bass neck, fretted. I'm seeking a fretless, and would like to run into a nice swap deal. This is one of the most comfortable fretted necks I've ever played or owned, but I have a bass that notches this one out, and I want to get into fretless, and money's tight...



    See the nick on the bass side. Never been an issue, more a character mark than anything else.


    I'm looking for something in Rosewood or Ebony, no lines; like that old stick of unwanted lumber that's been kicking around next to that old tennis racket in your closet... you know, the one you bought a few years ago after seeing Boz Burrel with Bad Co., but just couldn't get in on with after all... that one'd do just fine... :cool:

    Thanks for looking in.
  2. Bump...
  3. I'll consider swapping out the whole bass for a fretless of reasonable value... preferably un-lined. And... that's a Bump!
  4. This is a really, really nice player. Sounds warm and wood-ish. Been a great gig-er, and if I can't trade it I'll be fine with keeping it. But, in the interest of making a real effort here, this is a bump.

    Bumped accordingly.
  5. Lookin' far a fretless ovah heah... still bumpin'.
  6. Nobody loves my Squire 'A'-type P-Bass neck. *Sigh*

  7. No-lines, just 'Bump'.
  8. Still got my eyes, ears open. Might have other ways to deal besides the surprisingly good-feeling, highly playable fretted neck I have here (wink-wink, nudge-nudge...).
  9. Great guy ta deal wit. One o'my fave dudes here, an one of only a few wit a love an knowledge of SWR amps as big as mine. How's the 800 my friend? I have the fretless for ya. 89 AVRI Fender Jazz. Converted, so has lines, but if ya shut yer eyes, ya can't tell. Heh. Luck wit da trade, my friend. Free bump.
  10. Ay! Thanks for the kindness man, and I'm sending you a pm about that neck... I try to not look at a fretless neck anyway, plus I have a Sharpie... :smug:

    The 800 is still waiting to receive attention, but I believe I'll see it shortly. Yeah it's been a while now...
  11. Still seeking, Bump.
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