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    Feb 3, 2012

    So I have got this isolated bass track, taken from the RockBand video game (see attachment). Unfortunately it is in a lossy mp3 format as I could not upload in wav. but it is the original bass for Keane - Is it any wonder.
    Now I don´t play that game, but I do play bass and I am just interested in listening to isolated tracks for learning purposes and wonder how it was recorded, processed etc.
    I am almost certain it is a Fender p-bass played through a Fender Bassman 300 pro amp (based on pictures,video). Although I am unsure if it involved miking of a cabinet at all. I wonder if the tone is just from the amp section, then DI straight to the board. What does it sound like to you?
    I read in an interview with the producer Andy Green (although it was an interview regarding an earlier album, not this one) that he generally liked to just di´ing basses and then use amp simulation like sansamp etc., as opposed to micing a cabinet.
    The tone sounds to me really big with lots of low mids, and a really punchy, tight, present upper mids and treble. Probably a bit of dirt on top. It sounds like it is quite a bit of compression going on there too..does it sound like it is applied a lot of post-processing to the sound to you? I know that the whole track was mixed by Mark Stent, and he probably used his ssl 4000 g console on it. Not sure how much that has affected the bass sound itself but I also got the drum track too, and I can definately hear that ssl sound on the drums.
    Now I don´t want to answer my own questions but because it was taken from that video game it has probably been through the mastering stage aswell so it could be difficult to tell..
    But all in all I would appreciate if someone might help me out, maybe you notice anything in particular about it.


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