Issue with Yorkville 200 watt bass amp

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  1. Haven’t used this amp for anything but practice at low volume for a few years and it’s been good for that. I tried playing louder and it started make very unpleasant crackling, rattling sounds, this is with the volume and scoop (which is like gain) both up around 5 or more. It’s a bassmaster xm200 which I got used about 10 years ago. Don’t think it’s my bass or the patch cords because I use both with other amps and don’t have this problem. From the reading I’ve done it sounds like it might be the jacks in the amp and a possible solution might be to open it up and inspect the jacks, either re-solder or replace them.

    Anyone have any comments or other possible tests, solutions? Thanks.
  2. MakoMan


    Oct 17, 2011
    I had the same issue with an old Peavey TKO65. Took it into Musi-Tec in the West Island of Montreal (near Dorval Airport) and they replaced both input jacks. At the same time I had them replace the worn out power cord with a 3 prong input that would accept a modern power cord. It was very inexpensive and I would highly recommend their work.
  3. Well, I would have suggested the jacks but I see you all have that base thoroughly covered.
  4. That's good to know, thanks MakoMan.