Issues: bass or player?

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  1. wishface


    Jan 27, 2012
    Is fretbuzz alwatys a big deal?

    I have some on my bass. I'm not a set up/luthier expert so it's likely the bass could do with a tweak here and there. I suddenly find myself all gunshy when it comes to tweaking. I'm really enjoying my new bass and don't even want to start doing something as simple as raising the action - actually I have a little bit, which hasn't made too much different. I like a lower action anyway (i think most people do).

    Is there anything I should consider or look into? I'm not even sure it's that much of an issue in most instances, aside from a little bit of deadness on the 9th fret B of the D string.

    Also, I have found with the basses i've played (none of which have been expensive or 'name' brand instruments) that playing the same note on lower strings sound markedly different. Is this natural or am I hearing problems that aren't there? For instance, play the 2nd fret E on the D string and it sounds thinner than on the 7th fret A string or the octave of the E string at the 12th fret.