It's a Warmoth!

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  1. Hey guys. Just finished my Warmoth MM/Jazz bass.

    -Basslines SMB-4Ds MM replacement system.

    -3 Band Tone circut

    -"Slap" Contour (Pull up on volume knob) Boost Lows and Mids to a potentiometer-selectable preset.

    -Warmoth Qlt Maple/Alder Body. Honey burst finish

    -Jazz Neck, 6150 Frets, Birdseye maple (light) and Rosewood fingerboard. Side dots only (Love the clean fingerboard look)

    -All black hardware

    -Schaller tuners

    -Gotoh 206 String-thru bridge.

    -Roller string nut.

    -Brass nut

    The sucker sounds great. Very slappable, love the mid adjust. Makes a world of difference for me. I've just got some cheapy EB slinkys on it for setup purposes, but the open strings ring like a piano..especially the A and D strings. It's a keeper!

  2. Very nice!

    I'm gonna start mine in a couple of weeks - I know who to call for advice ;)

  3. And the body closeup.

  4. Thanks jeff...and quick on the reply man! I'm totally stoked about practice tonight!!
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    Jan 25, 2001
    Stuck on a rock !
    Very Very nice....
  6. Dave,

    First-rate piece!

    How did you determine the correct location for the MM style pickup?

    Did Warmouth do the routing?

    I'd like to do the same, but in 5 string, and with a P pickup also.
  7. Brad Johnson

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    Mar 8, 2000
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    Nice, Dave
  8. Randy Payne

    Randy Payne

    Jan 1, 2001
    Looks great! I really like the cherryburst/quilt. Did you order AAA quilt, or is that just the Warmoth "standard" quilt?

  9. Warmoth does the routing. Came outta the thrift shop with that P/U and Finish. Exactly what I was looking for...except the G201 bridge. Just had em drill out the body for the G206 (String thru option...beefier too)

    I'm totally convinced that Warmoth can do anything you'd like em to. Quality stuff guys. Even did all the construction myself w/ no probs. Drilled out the mounts for the P/U and epoxied #4 Stainless nuts in there for P/U adjustment. Smooth. Also cut the nut w/ the bandsaw at work and various grades of sandpaper. Took 30 minutes. NP.
  10. Came outta the thrift shop w/ AAA and the honey burst. But, that quilt is about average for warmoth. They do have some incredible stuff, but 399 for a laminate top, burst finish is a great deal IMHO. Looks good, The alder/maple and rosewood fingerboard is a good safe combo too.
  11. Found the pic from the warmoth site. Shows quilt better than a 5 year old digital camera (the camera that says "what's a megapixel??"). Compare/contrast.

    BTW, the knobs aren't done. The Basslines system came prewired, and I didn't wanna screw with that. I drift punched another pot location after the concentric one, so I can go to a 4 knob setup. The knobs came w/ the basslines system, but I'm gonna get some knobs from The ones that tobias and the like uses.
  12. HeavyDuty

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    Jun 26, 2000
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    Great job!
  13. awesome bass!!!

    ever think about putting a Bartolini preamp pickup combo in there?...nice growl
  14. Yup. Debated for quite a while. I did my electronics research so I would be able to get it all together quickly. The basslines system is quoted as being the most able to achive the MM sound. Very Very close. I think I'll take it into the local Musicman dealer monday and show It off...A/B it also. Plus the basslines system can be had at musician's friend. So if I had a problem, quick turnaround with it. Plus they had the system for $170.
  15. Are these Seymour Duncan or ???
  16. Hey Tufnuts looks good !!
  17. Nino Valenti

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    Feb 2, 2001
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    VERY NICE!!!!! It IS gonna blow away any MusicMan you try!!!! Just the fact that you put your blood sweat & tears (sweat anyway :)) into building this bass w/make it better that any bass you compare it to. I just did some changes to a 4 string Warmoth Jazz bas & I'm gonna post some pictures later tonite or tomorrow.
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  18. Yup. Basslines is S-D. Very easy to install, very straightforward. Just 4 Solder conncetions, 3 knob holes, 1 jack hole. Very recommended.
  19. Nino, I just checked your profile. How many basses do you own man!

    I'd really like to see your updates to the 4 string warmoth. Plus your 5string Wanna-B. What's that burst color called?
  20. Si-bob


    Jun 30, 2001
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    hey dude
    nice bass! :) :cool:

    u mind me asking how much the entire thing cost in the end?