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It's About Time: My Very First Bass (a VI) and I am Struggling

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Artwerk Orange, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. Artwerk Orange

    Artwerk Orange

    Feb 2, 2020
    I am fairly new to guitar, but have already begun an obsessive and unquenchable desire to play, own, mod/customize, build I received my first bass in December -- a brand new Squire Bass VI. The build quality is much better than I expected, but the instrument has several issues that I need to address and I am in need of some wisdom and guidance before I can enjoy my latest acquisition. First and foremost... the infamous floppy E string should be my first step. After scouring the Internet, I decided to start by replacing the low E with a 100 gauge string. I actually tried a larger string first and it could not even fit through the bridge. So before I make matters worse, I humbly ask for your help. Will the 100 work with the existing hardware? I know I may need to modify the nut, but what about the stock tuners? Will they work with the new string size? When restringing with this gauge are there any other tips I should be aware of? Any other advice regarding set-up will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to future bass playing and I cannot thank you enough for any assistance you can provide.
  2. Malcolm35


    Aug 7, 2018
    Learn how to play what you have first. Don't muck up what is probably a very good bass.
  3. Artwerk Orange

    Artwerk Orange

    Feb 2, 2020
    Agreed. The problem I am having is that the bass was unplayable out of the box. Well, that is not true. It was only the low E that was simply too loose to play. Of all the possible solutions, the simplest was to replace the low E with a larger gauge. The 100 gauge seems too big for the hardware, so I was trying to get some guidance before I did anything else. I am hoping someone can let me know whether or not the 100 will work. I started to string it up, but it is so alien to me, I am worried about causing damage. Thank you, in advance, to anyone willing to help a guitar playing brother out.
  4. Malcolm35


    Aug 7, 2018
    Take it to your local music store. Ask for a set up. Probably cost $35 to $45.

    Let a professional take a look at your guitar.
  5. Artwerk Orange

    Artwerk Orange

    Feb 2, 2020
    Wow. Thanks for that. I have been amazed at how kind and supportive the online (and in person, for that matter) guitar community has been since I started playing a few years ago. I figured that trend was not going to last and you have proven that to be the case. Maybe it is a bass thing.
  6. flojob

    flojob Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 15, 2011
    I don't know anything about the bass six, so not sure about the string size to answer your question.
    Just wanted to chime in and say Malcolm may be onto something when it comes to getting it at least checked out.
    It's the part about the E strung strung being to floppy to play...that makes me think something is defective.
    You'd know better than anyone, especially since you're familiar with guitars. Be careful not to throw money away trying to make something playable that is busted in the 1st place.
  7. flojob

    flojob Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 15, 2011
    This guy owns a company that carries tons of strings, and is knowledgeable. He might be able to answer the question you have.
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  8. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    Welcome to TalkBass!!!

    Try a stealth string retainer on that E string. A stronger angle at the nut will help.
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  9. farace


    Jul 9, 2016
    Connecticut USA
    Welcome. I'm pretty certain there's a whole thread here on TB dealing with the Squier Bass VI. There might even be a thread devoted to string choices, as I know I've come across discussions that basically run along the lines of, "toss the stock strings and put [better choice] on instead."
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  10. Artwerk Orange

    Artwerk Orange

    Feb 2, 2020
    THANK YOU. I will reach out to him today. Pretty much everything I have read, thus far, says step one is to replace the stock strings with heavier gauge. I want to try that before I take it to a professional. There are not too many options in my quaint lil' town.
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  11. Mvf


    Feb 1, 2015
    Espoo, Finland
    I suggest you check out this thread, a lot of good information about how to make your bass vi play like a dream. A lot of discussion about strings too.

    Official Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI Club

    I do not have my bass vi anymore, for some reason I let it go some time ago, but I changed the strings on it to a LaBella set (if I remember correctly), with the low E something like 0,95. I also got the intonation set with the original bridge by removing the spring from the E string tree, giving me a little more movement. With these changes I got it to play really well.

    Good luck with yours!
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2020
  12. Artwerk Orange

    Artwerk Orange

    Feb 2, 2020
    I greatly appreciate your feedback and the feedback from the other members; however, one lesson I have taken from this whole experience is to know when to cut your losses. Thanks again!
  13. Tony In Philly

    Tony In Philly Supporting Member

    Oct 25, 2007
    Filthydelphia, USA

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