It's all in the hands man...

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    Of course everyone's bass rig of choice is important to one's individual bass tone but what a lot of people forget is "it's in the hands(or pick) that really translates what you want to say.
    It's that tone that your rig translates from your fingers(or pick) that has to reach the audience.
    Too many people get caught up in the equipment side of things. People are constantly searching for their "tone" when they already have it!It's just you don't know you already have it. Remember you can have a Stanley or a Billy play thru anything and you know what they will sound good on just about any rig! You know what I mean... Just listen carefully... YOU have the tone!
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    AAAAAAAAAMEN!!! I really ned to tattoo this on my hand. Or put a sign on my rig that says that.
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    wow, i didnt know you were a moderator. It doesn;t say you are. Guerilla warfare, huh?:D
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    My hands sound best through Eden.
  6. My hands sounds best through my SWR rig (no flame intended!), because it lets the sound of my hands playing my bass through, instead of colouring it. Thats what I need.
  7. Don't mean to flame you, but your statement's not completely true. If you put Stanley through an old b15, he wouldn't sound great - he'd lose all the snappy attack, and sound pretty mediocre.

    As a long time bass player and teacher, I agree that most people spend way too much time on equipment - pickups, preamps, pedals, etc when they really need to tighten up their technique (and maybe take some lessons to broaden their scope).

    However, most accomplished players will be very picky about the rigs they play through.
  8. ill second to that.
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    I didn't see a dry sarcastic wit smilie. Perhaps because it would be contrary to the notion of dry sarcastic wit. :|
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    Amen, brother, amen!
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    As for specifics: call me BergieBoy. :p
  13. It can be a blessing and a curse. When I am bored and want to try a new sound it is very difficult because most of my sound does come from my hands.
  14. That's like saying that playing a trumpet or sax is all in the lip.
    This is true to the extent that a good rig can't make a bad player sound good. However, a good rig can make a good player sound even better. A good rig will let the hands do what they want to do without a struggling.