It's inevitable!

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    It's inevitable:
    When you get hired for a gig, you'll have to learn 10 songs, 9 hard ones and one easy one. During the show your mind WILL go blank during the easy one!:eek:

    You'll save $1800 to try to buy a used Sadowsky. You'll surf the web in search of one, only to find the cheapest one is $2200, so you'll buy a cheaper bass. Two weeks AFTER you buy a bass, you WILL find a used Sadowsky for $1700! :mad:

    You'll come up with a flashy speed slap riff to dazzle the crowd during band intros. During the next 3 shows, band intros will take place during the SLOW songs!:mad:

    You'll go the Conklin booth at the NAMM show, and no one will be around. As soon as you plug in a fretless 7 string, out of curiosity, a crowd will magically appear waiting to be dazzled! :eek:

    After a gig that pays $100 - $300, your wife will be far away during the money disbursal. But on the $1000 - $2500 gigs, she "just happens to be around" during pay time, taking away your ability to lie about the money, squashing your ability to get that sweet 5 string you've had your eye on for weeks!:mad:
  2. Those of us in the know call this "Life". :D

    It's all true, except you forgot:

    The minute you clean your workshop up, and finally dump all those 10 year old parts that you've never EVER needed, you'll need to put a new jack on your bass, except you just threw all of them out.

  3. FF, i've never seen that kind of tuning (in your sig.) before. Whats it used for (sorry for going off topic)?
  4. Another frustrating paradox of bad timing:
    You have a terrible, griding, workaholic, stressful, 70-80 week job that harasses you to quit your band and focus on the job. You quit the band and focus on the job. You get fired. Not fun. :mad:

    And the glass-half-full interpretation of your situation:
    1. You got a gig playing hard songs.
    2. You have a Sadowsky.
    3. You have a dazzling and flashy new speed slap riff.
    4. You get to go to the NAMN show.
    5. You've got gigs that pay $100 - 2,500 a show.
      Sure, your interpretations are frustrating, but many players would be thrilled to have those frustrations.
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    Aug 25, 2000
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    It's inevitable that.... soon as a musician get's a gig, s/he will start complaining! :)

    It's inevitable that....

    ...this thread will be moved to BASS HUMOR!