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  1. Useless Human

    Useless Human

    Dec 11, 2019
    Your favorite music store to drive past, Guitar Center, has filed for bankruptcy. The company owns some historic music instruments. Will they go up for sale? IMHO they will restructure and survive.

    Thoughts? Stories?
  2. Keep me updated. I love a bargain.
  3. Sam Sherry

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    Sep 26, 2001
    Portland, ME
    The shortest of answers, issued in my capacity as a Board Certified Specialist in Creditors Rights Law:

    a) Guitar Denter is in Chapter 11 reorganization. It is not in Chapter 7 liquidation. The aim is to stay open, jam some creditors, maybe close some stores and maybe not, and get out of bankruptcy as quickly as they can. That's not the only possible outcome but it's the most likely.

    b) They're open. In terms of national online sales, have at it. As for the store you drive past, if you want it to stay open stop in and buy stuff.
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  4. I never really understood the attraction of Guitar Center. Sure they're large & have a pretty good selection (unless you play double bass). But my experience is that their instruments usually are very poorly set up. They play like crap. My understanding is that this is their ploy for add-on charges: "Would you like us to set up your new instrument so you can actually play it?" Personally, I would never buy a new instrument that was not properly set up; what if there was some sort of structural problem that can't be fixed by a set-up.

    I'd rather pay more to a store owned by a real person for an instrument that I know plays well.

    Yeah, I know...I can be like that sometimes. Thanks for listening.
  5. james condino

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    Sep 30, 2007
    asheville, nc
    The irony of the big corporate beast who forced all of the mom & pop stores to go bankrupt....
  6. DrayMiles

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    Feb 24, 2007
    East Coast
    You mean...

    “Unless you play bass...”

  7. Ukiah Bass

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    May 10, 2006
    Don't buy anything from GC on layaway.
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  8. jsf729


    Dec 12, 2014
    Central Maryland
    Does if affect just the retail stores or their online evil twin- Musicians Fiend- I mean Friend ?