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it's the smell

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by doublemuff216, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. doublemuff216


    Jun 14, 2004
    Astoria NY
    ok guys and gals i need some advice...can/ should i put dr 50-110 electric strings on my acoustic? i have a set and i hate the way my acoustic strings make my hands smell...and are there any acoustic strings that won't make my hands smell really bad? (yes i wash my hands before i play so it's not that)
  2. Are those strings coated with something? Chances are that that is the case. I have zero experience with this (even though I have played an acoustic bass guitar) but I know that electric bass strings are built with the intention of being picked-up by pick-ups. That doesn't mean that it won't work, though, because my 6 string neck-thru is pretty loud unapplified with normal electric bass strings, not having a hollow body and all.

    I would say that unless you hear otherwise from other TBers, I would go for it. And if you don't like those strings you can save them for your electric.

    P.S. I would use flatwounds if I were you, or atleast nickel round/ground/half rounds, not stainless. It would help maintain the acoustic sound.

    *edit* Or, you could try to find some non-coated acoustic strings. I don't know if they exist, or if all acoustic strings aren't coated at all, but its worth a look/try.
  3. TheEmptyCell

    TheEmptyCell Bearded Dingwall Enthusiast

    Jul 16, 2005
    Belfast, UK
    I had the same problem with using regular bronze strings on my acoustic guitar a few weeks back. They left a funky, metallic stink on my hands. I moved over to Elixirs on that, and the problem was solved. I think it's just the bronze winding that does it, couldn't tell ya why though.