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It's TI Flats time!

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by michele, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. michele

    michele Supporting Member

    Apr 2, 2004
    Hope this could help those of you thinking about switching to flatwounds or trying TI Flats ...
    Two months ago, after 10 years of roundwounds, I switched to flats: it was a great choice that open a new world of sonic pleasures! So I decided to experiment with different brands and gauges and I must say that I was about to stop my search when I put an X-light set of La Bella DTB Flats ... but I have to give that set of TI Flats a try so I strung my Sadowsky and ...
    1) TI Flats looks very strange ... G and D strings are smooth and shiny while E and A strings are a little rough and look like ... half-rounds (someone knows why?)?! But when you put your fingers on, well, you're in paradise!!!!!
    2) The gauge is strange too -.43, .56, .70 (I love it!), .100-but ... it's simply the best balanced strings set I've ever tried!
    3) Sonically speaking with these strings I can get from my Sadowsky well-defined lows, sweet highs and THE BEST MIDRANGY TONE EVER!
    4) I play with a light touch and I enjoyed the TI's low tension very much. I think that everyone who plays with a light touch could have benefits from a low tension set of strings. I'm really surprised to see how much my playing has improved in terms of expression and dynamics!
    5) I know that many people when switching to TI Flats made some truss-rod adjustments because the low tension of these strings caused some neck problems ... I don't know if I'm a fortunate guy or if my Sadowsky's neck is very stable ( ...mhhh... maybe it's correct to say that I'm a lucky guy because I own a Sadowsky :) ) but I made no adjustment 'cause the strings fit PERFECTLY, I mean wonderful low action, no fret buzzes ... simply perfect!!!
    6) It's hard to believe that, as many people said, these strings become even better as they aged ...
    Well, I've found what works for me the best and hope the same for all of you!!!