iTunes alternative?

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  1. I know there is WinAmp, but it doesn't rip to .mp3's, instead it rips to it's own proprietary format (at least the free version does. I'm not paying for the full version, or at least for now I'm not)

    is there any other Media player program that will sync and iPod and Rip to .mp3's without installing a bunch of Quicktimeware onto your computer?
  2. Mediamonkey
  3. .mp3 is limited to 30 days with the free version. but if i want to split that many hairs....:meh:
  4. I'm pretty sure at least. Whatever it rips CDs to goes on my iPod just fine, so I assume it's mp3.

    EDIT: Yeah, it has been ripping CDs to mp3 files.
  5. I'll look into it, definitely.

  6. Did you try Windows media Player?
    Or Zune? I doubt Zune's capability to transfer to an iPod but I'd give it a shot anyway. The software for it is free anyway.

    I gave up using apple a long time ago. :) Not a cheap move but I'm happy with .mp3 files and and 120GB of music.
  7. Hi.

    I'm not certain about all it's features, but I've used Yamipod for.. well... al sorts of iPod related stuff ;).

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    Mar 1, 2009
    why don't you want to use iTunes ?
    To me, this is the best media player
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    Jul 17, 2008
    "Quicktimeware" as in the vastly-used H.264 codec, and stuff like that?
  10. I didn't know you have to have Quicktime to run iTunes. I use VLC media play because it plays EVERYTHING.

    But I can't find anything better than iTunes, so I'll stick with that for now.
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    foobar (free) for music playback and file conversion (free conversion codecs available online as well).

    anapod explorer for managing files on ipods.

    yeah, vlc is another excellent alternative. i dont typically use flac files, but i know vlc can play them, and i dont think foobar can, although i might just need to find a codec for it.

    i know this is about music, but the only video player i have found that is better than vlc is the one bundled with nero. i have come across a few (less than ten) files that wont work on vlc, but will on the nero player.
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    Tiny, quick, stays MP3, easy, perfect.