I've been busy working on a Dragon Ball Z fan comic and wanted to share some of the art.

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    The main cast of Dragon ball Z from left to right: Tenshinhan, Chiaotsu, Yamucha, Kuririn, Son Goku, Son Gohan, Picollo, Trunks, Vegeta.

    Well a few years ago I discovered a DBZ web comic called "Dragon Ball Multiverse" which is basically one what if story after another.

    - What if Freezer had defeated our heroes?
    - What if Goku never turned good?
    - What if Trunks never arrived to warn our heroes from the evil androids?

    But what I noticed is that none of the alternative realities featured my favorite character.
    This is Mark: AKA Mr Satan. Or as he's called in the censored version, Hercule.
    Mr. Satan with Goku and their shared granddaughter Pan, who is the child of Mr. Satan's Daughter Videl and Goku's son Gohan.

    Mr. Satan is to the heroes what Hawkeye is to the Avengers, he has of all of them the least power and basically saved the world a couple of times by accident.
    However, Mr Satan's strong point is that he provides a human face to the efforts of the heroes in the series, making up in charisma what he lacks in power. Convincing people to help out because of him being the people's hero.

    So I started my own Dragon Ball Z comic in which Mr. Satan HAS power, where he HAS trained with the rest of the heroes.
    The Sh33p's Fluff Message Board • View topic - My Dragon Ball Z fan comic "The legend of Mr Satan"
    A link to my story in full.


    A young Mr. Satan joins our heroes in my story.

    So far the story has spanned the better part of two years and I posted 41 pages so far and with a whopping 16 more in the works, I figured I'd treat you guys to an exclusive.

    It shows Mr. Satan's daughter Videl in what is a departure from my normal anime influenced style.
    I was really pleased with how this one came out. Although it took me quite some time to get it right.
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