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J and Ps worth keeping?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by TheAmpNerd, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. TheAmpNerd


    Apr 25, 2004
    Dallas, Texas

    I've got two sets, one of each, they are used.
    I paid $25 for each set.

    The Jazz are of unknown make and appear to have
    had around 15 - 20 feet of wire removed. They come
    right out of the covers simply and have no marking.
    Something was removed from the bottom of the magnets

    The both measure about the same, 5k5 ohms,
    my bass player bud says that 8k5 is good and
    tasty for a jazz pick up; and that I should
    return these.

    The P bass measures 5k4 on the black/white wires
    while the other with both white wires measure open.
    These are stamped 1182. The guy I got them from
    siad they were from 1972 but from those numbers
    I would guess NOV of 1982.

    I hear that Duncan rewinds these as does Fralin.
    Duncan goes to the problem area then adds wire
    while Fralin comepletely rewinds from scratch.

    What is the difference in tone if any?

    I wanted to use the Ps in a MIJ P bass that
    I just picked up E765236. Is this a 1986 model?
    it is candy apple red with a maple neck.

    Any recommendations? Should I just return the
    jazz set and have the Ps rewound?

    What is a ball park figure for rewinds?

    Are the pots worth keeping in MIJs or should
    I just rebuild it with American stuff?

    Thanks in advance as I'm new to all this
    and I'm sure you've answered similar questions
    many times before.
  2. TheAmpNerd


    Apr 25, 2004
    Dallas, Texas
    bump anyone?
  3. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    Anything under about 7k for a passive jazz is questionable - except for Bart maybe. Your looking at the pups not me, but it's unlikely any windings been removed. That does support the lower reading though. Most guys just aren't going to mess with such a tedious procedure and would more likely be done on a pup that is overwound - although the pup could have had a lot more winding removed than what you think. Nothing unusual about loose pup covers or something being removed from the bottom of the magnets if that something was foam padding and not a ceramic magnet. They could have had groundng plates also.

    At any rate, if the guy will take them back, it sound in order.

    The one P bass reading is also low and the other apparently is shorted and shouldn't work at all. The date code I don't know about and they don't always make any sense unless you're familiar with the numbering system used. That's an area for vintage guys - Steve Barr at Vintage bass trading company would probably know. If it's not a Fender probably wouldn't matter anyway.

    Winding will cost you about $150 per pup. The SD partial wind sounds a bit wierd and I don't know about. Can't say that I've heard mention of tacing on to an existing winding before but there's plenty I haven't heard of. The winder woud be the one to ask about the difference in tone.

    In my experience pots are pots. They work appropriately or they don't. Seems to be preference for CTS pots and perhaps some others but I haven't witnessed anything worth extending myself for with pots and I've had a mix of a bunch of 'em.
  4. TheAmpNerd


    Apr 25, 2004
    Dallas, Texas
    Thanks Lunk.

    I'll probably jyust return them and buything descent.
    Neither I guess is a vintage piece.

    Thanks again.