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J bass body, P / J pick ups

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ChaosGwar, May 31, 2002.

  1. I'm looking for a bass (other than the Hoppus Sig) that has Fender Jazz style bodies and Precision pick ups, or a P/J combo.

    I've looked extensively, even found some unknown Fender clones, but all the P/J basses have P bass bodies.

    Am I better off getting a Warmoth body and route the pick up cavity myself?

    Thanks in advance
  2. jblake


    Aug 30, 2001
    Gray, ME
    There's the Fender Reggie Hamilton signature. REALLY expensive though. I think it lists for around $2K.

    Doing the warmoth thang might be the way to go.

  3. jock


    Jun 7, 2000
    Stockholm, Sweden
    I have also been looking for that. The only one I found was Sadowsky but they are big $. So I will probably go with Warmoth or just buy a Fender jazz and mod it. Havent decided yet.
  4. If you buy Warmoth, you don't have to route it yourself; just order the body routed for P and J pickups. I used to have a Warmoth J body with exactly that setup. You can even have them paint and finish it for you if you want.
  6. I thought about getting an MIM Jazz or an Essex or Squier, and pulling out the neck pup, and replacing it with a P pup with some modification. I'd have to get a custom Pickguard, but that's ok.

    The Fender Reggie Hamilton is way out of my price range, as is the Sadowsky. I'd love a Sadowsky, but my meager paycheck doesn't come close to allow me to afford one.

    I might go with the Warmoth. Most Warmoth bodies i've looked into run roughly $150, IIRC. Which would still be leaving me in need of a neck, electronics, etc.

    I can get an Essex Jazz for less than $200, and from what I've heard, they are fantastic for the money. Same with the Squier Jazz.

    Time to check out eBay.
  7. Run a spread sheet on the Warmoth and calculate ALL the costs involved. You will find it pretty steep.
  8. Probably the exact reason I'll end up modding an Essex or Squier.
  9. DarkMazda


    Jun 3, 2000
    Chaos: yeah... it might be $150 for the body.. but.. its unfinished.... you gotta get them to finish it too.. which is another extra $50-100.. i forgot how much it was... but it would be pretty steep.. Just go with the Essex.. I've been hearing some good things about those basses..

    Good luck! Keep me updated


    PS: Keep US updated ;)
  10. That's one of the projects that's currently on my bench right now. I was a little hesitant to actually combine the P/J setup with the Jazz body because I didn't know if it would be looked at like an acceptable match. Wow, I guess it is!

    This one has an alder body (it'll be painted probably - leaning towards a candy "root beer" color), String through, with an oiled maple/maple neck. Seymour Duncan "Lightnin' Rod" active pups. Custom Shop Parts bridge and Big Schaller tuners all in black. Still don't yet know whether it'll be a standard top loader or backrouted. I design as if I'm gonna keep the thing forever but I don't know about this one. It might have to be sold to finance the next ;)
  11. Jeff in TX

    Jeff in TX Supporting Member

    Nov 1, 2000
    Lone Star State
    I copleted a Warmoth P/J with a Jazz neck a couple of months ago.

    Here's couple of pics:


    DM and bgavin are right - run all the costs. Mine's tricked out with Lindy Fralin pups, ABM bridge, J-Retro preamp, Schaeller tuners and custom neck work. It's a great instrument, but it wasn't cheap!

  12. Jeff, nice looking Warmoth! Kinda has a Geddy Lee sig look to it, with a spin. It looks like the P pickup could be a little closer to the neck, but thats just MO. Either way, sweet!

    I was thinking of spending $140 on this baby, and reroute it for a Precision pickup.


    Since Sadowsky makes the P/J combo do you think he would sell me a pickguard for it? That was the only area I was stumped on, other than getting the blank material and cutting it myself, which I would probably screw up.

    Any how, for the cost of the Essex, If the P reroute fails, I can put the Jazz pup back in and still come out with a nice bass.

    They've got another one, that come in black and lake placid blue, but no figured top, that sells for $110. I figure I'll take the Essex road and save myslef a whole bunch of money, and make upgrades later on.

    Hambone, have you checked out Roger Sadowsky's website? He has the bass I want and I was sticking to my underoos after drooling over it.
    Anyway, I should go get my Pepcid, cuz I've already got a bad case of GAS this month. Methinks I'm doomed, since it's only the first.
  13. Jeff in TX

    Jeff in TX Supporting Member

    Nov 1, 2000
    Lone Star State
    CG - Roger's jazz basses are a custom size - slightly smaller than a traditional jazz. (His new Ultra Vintage models are traditional in size, but i don't think he makes a P/J) So, his pickguards may not fit. I'm sure it you asked, he would let you know.

    Another option might be to get a custom pickguard from http://www.pickguards.com/

    Good luck!!

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