J bass parallel/ series switch

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  1. Now, I know this post has been done, but it always get off track. Does anyone have a DIAGRAM to wire a jazz bass for a parallel/series switch. I know what the difference in tine will be, yes I want to do it, but can someone out there PLEASSSSE draw me a diagram.

  2. You sold me my EAW cab- I still have it. The diagram you seek is in a book called "Electric Bass Guitar", which I have. Email me and I'll get you a copy.

  3. Here's what I do...it's dead simple.


    You bridge one end of a 6 pin on/on switch (either a mini switch or a push pull. I have used both). The rest of the connections should be obvious.

    In series mode, only one of the volume controls works.

    There is a way of wiring which maintains individual volume controls, but I have never bothered. This gives me what I need.
  4. Thanks

    This isn't working though. Could it be because I have active EMG's?

  5. you're not who i thought, graham, sorry! and yes, i think your emg pups are wired differently than stock jazz p'ups. why don't you e-mail emg and get some first-hand advice?