J bass pickup height- does it bother you if the pole pieces hit your fingers while plucking?

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    Apr 25, 2002
    Just wondering what the consensus is. I think my MIA jazz pickups sound the best at a position where my fingers slightly touch the back pickup poles when I pluck but I find that so distracting that it kills my groove and pocket. so, I lower them to the point where I can clear the entire pickup while I pluck. The sound is better with them up higher but for me it's better to sacrifice some tone if lightly scraping the magnets throws off my entire playing.

    Anyone else out there that has encountered this. Anyone out there who doesn't mind contacting the magnet poles?
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    I'm with you, I don't like my fingers hitting the polepieces.
  3. It's pretty common to touch the pole pieces when you play.

    If the pole pieces are proud of the covers, I like to put shims on the top of the bobbin so they are flush. Some magnets are surprisingly sharp-edged, and it's really uncomfortable to catch them with my finger tip callouses.

    Also, be aware, that if you start using coated strings (elixirs, tape-wounds etc) you may get a bad buzz every time you touch the pole pieces. Some basses even pick up radio stations! But you can usually either change the phase of the pickups or earth the pole pieces.