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J&D Luthier Basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by daveze, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Does anybody have any experience with these basses? From what I gather they're sorta a cheapy brand, which leaves the question about consistency of quality but thats my job as the potential purchaser.

    I rather randomly walked into a music store that I haven't frequented for a while and hanging on the wall was a really hot looking, unlined, fretless 4 string. Naturally I took it off the wall to have a noodle around but was in a major hurry, so I didn't plug it in or anything. I'm not sure how big a fan I am of unlined fretlesses, because I've never played one before, and I'm not much of a 4 string fan after playing a 5er. Too that end I'm gonna head in there sometime next week and see if they can order in a lined 5er. Then again, for the price I could easily learn to play unlined on a 4 string.

    I'll have a longer play on it and see what I can do post-christmas with it. It really looked nice.

    Josh D
  2. Bump?

    I'm gonna work through lunch tomorrow to get off an hour earlier so I can give it a decent try. Update tomorrow maybe.

    Josh D
  3. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Sinny, Oztraya
    I'm waiting on your comments. I've seen them advertised online and seen a couple in shops and am curious too. Never even picked one up though.
  4. hi guys
    i had a j&d bass for my first bass. i still have it, but i de-fretted it. :p
    its a dark green four string, kind of a yamaha trb ripoff, with p/j pickups.
    for the price range and selection i had down here when i was looking for my first bass it was very good.
    the construction is good for the price range, it is a very solid instrument with a nice finish and good action (from the factory).
    the hardware gets the job done, but im not sure how long it would last if you were to gig with it a lot.
    the pickups/electronics are probably the weakest point. dont get me wrong, they are still ok for the price range, probably on par with the rest of the basses i looked at before buying the bass, they just dont live up to the standards of the rest of the bass, if that makes any sense.
    i feel these basses are a very good buy for the money, but if you have a bigger selection where you live it still might not hurt to look around a bit. the only other similar brand ive really seen taht people here seem to like a lot is essex, im not sure if you have looked at them yet? but if you do really like it and its comfortable for you to play and its in your price range, then go for it dude. :bassist:

    p.s- it would be good to hear your feedback after you have played it, as i am curious about your 'consistency of quality' question, as mine is really the only one ive ever played.
  5. Suckbird

    Suckbird Banned

    May 4, 2004
    I also have a J&D as my first bass,
    i only have a aria anda cheap yamaha to compare i too,
    where i live there's not many music stores.
    I think it's a good starter basas but nothing more.
  6. Well, its been done, I missed lunch, finished early, went out of my way, and got to play the bass.

    Playability: Felt really great, I haven't played many fretlesses but this is one felt really natural. Neck was quick, action a shade high but there was still plenty of play in the bridge. Light as a feather, I dunno what it was made from but it was incredibly light. I didn't try it with a strap but seated it sat comfortably.

    Sound: Not bad, lacking a bit of mwah because of the action but thats nothing terminal. Pickups, as mentioned, were nothing special but did their job, possibly lacking a little oomph but thats just me. Nice and quiet but not there's not a lot of other noise to pickup there.

    Construction: I've seen worse and I've seen better. Neck pocket wasn't particularly snug and the ferrules they used looked pretty cheap. It had mono rail bridges, which kinda had a bit of a cheap vibe about them but were doing the job and looked like sticking at it. Didn't pay a whole lot to the tuners but the nut was just your standard plastic nut, cut a little high but only a shade. The body was a three piece, which kinda sucked because the wood matching didn't happen as smoothly as it could've, a little discontinuous. Fretboard was kinda thin, I like a thicker neck and would prefer to err on the side of too much board, especially as it was strung with rounds. I'm pretty sure it was oiled finish, which I really love, especially for the neck, which was slightly rough but lush as.

    All in all, if I could've talked the price down a bit, they'd have a sale. That is, if it wasn't already on layby. I was really disapointed, it got me mad keen to get into fretless and now its gone. And the worst bit: somehow they're unable to get any more of them in but I dunno if it'd be worth it, they had a fretted neck-thru there and it wasn't such a winner. Affro, thats what I mean by consistency of quality, cheaper doesn't automically mean that it'll be of poor quality, just that there's a higher likelihood. Today was a great example of this: a really great bargain, well made, well priced fretless; and a really sucky, higher priced, ripoff, both from the same brand.

    Overall I'm a bit miffed, I would've put down a deposit and have payed for it in cash, in full, by Friday, if it wasn't on layby. Spose I should just save my pennies. Ah well, maybe if I'm incredibly lucky it was my Dad that put it on layby...maybe.?.?

    Josh D