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    May 31, 2002
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    Looking for a J bridge pickup to put in my P-bass. Lots of threads on matched sets but not much on what kind of J would match up well with a stock pickup in a MIA P. I know this mod has been done a million times so sorry if there's thread out there on this. I searched but did not find one.

    The stock P pickup seems pretty hot. As areference point the volume of the P is louder than my J with Duncan Antiquity IIs in parallel but less than that bass in series. The P sounds full but kind of hollow (I guess that's the trademark P sound). I'm usually pretty happy with a Jazz bass but this P sounds and feels so good that I want to keep it and play it in a band setting which means I need more cut and growl. So I'm looking for an easy, no-route, drop-in, passive solution. It's got to have firm low mids and enough output to keep up with the P. I'd probably go with a volume/balance/tone configuration. I slap some but don't go for a ultra modern sound. Thanks