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J pickups with mids that kill

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Bardolph, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Bardolph


    Jul 28, 2002
    Grand Rapids, MI
    I was playing bass for a church last night, and I plugged in my J bass with the dimarzio ultra Js and it sounded pretty nice. But then I tried this guy's peavey millennium with soapbars and the sound just cut through amazingly well and had tons of punch. I could literally feel the bass in my chest. I love my ultra Js, but I gotta have something that still has lots of definition in a band setting. The millennium and cirrus sounds come to mind- a kind of tone you'd hear in gospel music. I know, I know, soapbars are soapbars and Js are Js, but what kind of J pickup is gonna get me that great modern sounding midrange? Just as a side note, my jazz bass has '70s style spacing.
  2. DavidRavenMoon

    DavidRavenMoon Banned

    Oct 20, 2004
    I haven't played any myself, but I love the sound Jeff Berlin got when he was playing a Peavey Millennium bass.. that is a great tone.

    Now I know Jeff normally uses Bartolini pickups, so it would stand to reason that you could probably get a Bart J pickup with that type of sound. I haven't used any of them in a while, so someone else will have to chime in for models, or you can contact Bartolini and ask (although I think they no longer accept email due to virus problems... )

    Probably one of their deep sounding J's in the bridge position would do the trick, or the new CB series.

    Or get some Peavey pickups!

    As far as soapbars being soapbars... not really. I have an EMG soapbar with a J inside. So looks are deceiving!
  3. The Thinker

    The Thinker

    Sep 17, 2003
    Chicago, IL
    I have a bass with the same pickups. While they do tend to be stronger in the bass/treble frequencies, I actually have to cut some mids due to my amp. The mids are definitely in those pickups. Fiddle with your amp and eq before swapping PUPS.

    If you decide to swap pickus, Aeros are often described as having strong mids.
  4. Bardolph


    Jul 28, 2002
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Yeah they've got mids, but just not the type of overall tone I really want. I guess I'm looking for something more hi-fi, and my pickups give me more of a thick old school type of sound. Excellent for lots of other types of music, but I need something that has a really pronounced fingerstyle tone.
  5. If you play Gospel the Ken Smith basses seem to be what everybody plays.
  6. DavidRavenMoon

    DavidRavenMoon Banned

    Oct 20, 2004
    Did he play a Palaedium? I wasn't sure which bass it was. :)
  7. Sufenta

    Sufenta Trudging The Happy Road of Destiny

    Mar 14, 2002
    The Signpost Up Ahead.
    Lindy Fralin J's have beautiful mids. Stepping on that soloed bridge p/u makes anybody sound like they've just eated 10 pure bean Del Taco burritos. Can you say GAS-ex?
  8. the solution is quite simple...drop in some stacked humbuckers...several manufacturers make them...Nordstrand, Carvin, and DiMarzio come to mind...

    make sure that they are 4-wire buckers (2 wires for each coil so that you can wire them series or parallel)...for the sound that you are looking for, wire them in series...you won't be disappointed...

    if you want a killer sound with only a $10 investment, do the series mod on your jazz where you would put in a push/pull pot to replace a volume pot...and then when you pull it, the pickups are series'd together and the sound is very fat, very punchy...I did it to my P/J and play it in that mode now about 90% of the time
  9. Greg Clinkingbeard

    Greg Clinkingbeard

    Apr 4, 2005
    Kansas City area
    Setup and repair/KRUTZ Strings
    I have the Bart CBJD pups in two Jazz basses and really like them. They are very punchy with a pronounced low end through midrange.

    They only cost $110 and the resale is good on Barts. :bassist:
  10. Dimarzio Ultra J's are stacked humbuckers, if I recall correctly....
  11. Ultra J are bi-lateral humbuckers, not stacked.

    Bi-lateral is the E+A in one pair, and D+G in the other. The side-by-side arrangement is hum cancelling, similar to a P pickup.

    Bi-lateral hum cancelling is closer to a single coil tone, than is a stacked humbucker.
  12. a

    Here is a wiring diagram of the Series Parallel Switch using a DPDT toggle switch: