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  1. to all of you J-Retro users out there, what can you tell me about it's tone.

    It says that it's supposed to enhance the tone of your Jazz Bass. I plan on putting this in a Fender MIA jazz bass (passive)...is it a noisy preamp?...will I have to change the pickups? or does the preamp take care of all this?
  2. The J-Retro is a seriously good piece of gear. I have one for my RB5, but it is not installed yet. I have to make a custom pickguard because the RB5 does not use a standard Jazz type pick guard.

    The J-Retro will improve your tone with both pickups operating because it isolates each from the other and prevents impedance loading. It also prevents impedance loading from the volume and tone controls. Your passive J pickups will give you THE very best tone they have in them.

    If you dork the battery and it goes dead, you can switch back to passive mode in an emergency with the flick of a switch. You lose the tone controls (duh) but the bass will work until you get a new battery in it.

    John East also makes the BTB which is a single channel Retro for the P-Bass. Vintage Bass Trading company is the US Importer, and good folks to deal with. Bass Northwest and others are retailers also.

    Link to the Dude Pit - See The J-Retro Forum
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