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  1. Steve Cat

    Steve Cat

    Mar 19, 2001
    I don't normally endorse products like this but I tried to get on Steve Barr's forum and it must not like our firewall so I gave up. What a PIA!
    BUT this is one heck of a product! Installed it in my MIA Jazz, no problems just five easy solder connections. Bigger sound difference than Sansamp for $50 more, more hi-fi, more eq range, mid shift and mid boost/cut. Bass Northwest was very easy to deal with and fast. One semi "issue" is that it makes me want to play brighter so it picks up more string noise and fret buzz. Moved my action up a little. Now if I played it flat this wouldn't be an issue , but full mid cut full treble and presense boost and small bass boost sound sooo cool! I going to try flatwounds and fender black tapewounds again and see if I can still get this bright sound.
  2. JeremyBender


    Oct 22, 2001
    I would be inclined to agree with Steve Cat. I recently put a J-Retro in my Mexican Fretless Jazz, and the tonal combinations are endless. I have flatwounds on my bass, and the brightness issue is still there Steve, so if I may save you some work, the noise still gets picked up quite a bit, but not as much. String noise is always an issue with that much brightness! However, the mid cut and pitch is fantastic, and gives many different combinations.

    I do also own a Sadowsky outboard, and the J-Retro does nicely against it, but not totally.

    The only issue I would ever see with it is removing the plate to change the battery. At a gig, it would be a royal pain in the butt!
  3. Hmmmm, I had no problem getting into the Dudepit.
    I have a J-retro too, and I reckon it's bloody marvellous! I had it in my MIA Fender Jazz Deluxe V, but that thing has a neck problem that I'm tired of getting fixed, so I pulled it and put it in my Yamaha BBG5A. Now that Yammie is badass!
  4. There is a companion preamp for P-basses called the BTB series. It is essentially one channel of a J-Retro and designed to drop into a standard Precision bass. About $125 from the Dude.

    I want to add one eventually to my MIM P.
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