J-style passive recommendations for MTD Beast

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  1. Hi all,

    So I have an MTD Beast that I still love (wenge fretboard, maple neck, basswood body). But I finally bought a new MTD (Z4, dual soap bar, active), because the Beast electronics seemed to be crapping out (original Bartolinis in there).

    I’d like to swap the pick-ups now (and having a new bass feel Ok doing it), and ideally get the following qualities:
    1) remaining passive (want to have a passive back-up to swap at show, and don’t want to drill body)
    2) want it to sound like a J-bass, and probably more leaning vintage since my Z4 is more of the modern sound.
    3) something that will draw the growl out that I feel is inherent in that wenge fretboard.

    that said… very open to community thoughts and suggestions - fire away!
  2. I should say, I think top contenders I’m thinking currently are:
    • DiMarzio Pickups DP123S-BK: good price, think the sound that “compliments fretless” would be good match to the fretboard and I run black beauties and hardware so it would look sweet with black poles
    • Fender Custom 60’s: pricey, but I mean they have to be on the list cause I figure they will give me certainly that different tone
    • Fralin jazz or split jazz: just know the reputation, and I like giving independent builders and smaller shops
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