jack bruce, chris spedding, john marshall, nucleus, soft machine

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  1. jack bruce, chris spedding, john marshall, soft machine, nucleus...

    what a combo.


    puts CREAM to shame.


  2. Bruce Lindfield

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    :confused: What's the point of this thread?
  3. Bruce,

    "I traced your name in SPINACH!"

  4. to be less "oblique", in the light of Mr. Bruce's recent health scare...

    i thought i'd recommend some lesser known JB work post Cream and his group members' work post JB.

    i didn't think this would be a difficult concept.

    but, i'm glad i had the opportunity to spell it out.

    this is the recordings forum, is it not?

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    But Jack Bruce mnever played with Soft Machine - I know all the SM lineups!!:confused:

    And I have seen John Marshall play many times in straight-ahead Jazz in the UK - great drummer - but I didn't know he had released any albums under his own name?

    Still : :confused: :confused: :confused:
  6. regardless of Jack's Soft Machine link, that wasn't the point of my original post.

    even without his involvement in the last "real" SM lp, he would be only one degree out with his link with John Marshall.

    again, the "point" was to mention some lesser known works of Jack Bruce and his band members subsequent links into some of the 70's more interesting fusion work.

    i linked to Spedding's disco because i think his work on Harmony Row is outstanding and unique for its time.

    funny how you think you know the lineups (when you obviously don't) and cop such a 'tude.

  7. i can hear it now...

    "but, Land of Cockayne isn't really a Soft Machine release."


  8. jerry

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    Dec 13, 1999
    I picked up SONGS FOR A TAILOR & HARMONY ROW when they got re-released a few months back.....great stuff!!! I've had the vinyl for 30 something years......they where getting a little worn out to say the least;)
  9. Jerry,

    i knew there was another i liked you besides your good taste in cabs!


    i just refreshed my JB vinyl with some pretty clean copies.

    ripped those to CD.

    yes, great song writing fer sure!

    Jack's work with Carla Bley was interesting.


  10. jerry

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    Dec 13, 1999
    I liked Jack's playing with Tony Williams Lifetime too........but not for the faint of heart;)
  11. jerry

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    Dec 13, 1999
    A little off topic...but since his name came up, did you ever check out Chris Spedding's work in the band Sharks with ex Free bassist Andy Fraser?
    Some very cool bass work on that album:cool:
  12. ahhh, Tony Williams. there's a drummer who created a vaccuum when he left us.

    hmmm, Sharks, never heard. will google it up.


  13. from the Spedding url i mentioned earlier:

    Sharks unioned
    Andy Fraser talks,
    Marty Simon phoned me and suggeted we play around a bit together. He had just come over from the States and he wanted something to do in England. I wasn't doing much except writing on own so he came around with his drums. At the time I had no thoughts of going back on the road because I'd had a few heavy trips on the road with Free but he really made me want to get back again.
    Next we phoned up Chris because about 18 months ago I had vaguely talked to him about forming a band and he was looking for an outlet apart from sessions. He was keen to do something with us.
    The last 18 months with Free were really a strain, I love the guys in the group but it was boring to be tied to the same people all the time. There was too much confusion to make good music all the time, and when they wanted to reform the band I decided it wasn't worth it. I have since found out it was the right thing to do. I have met these guys and they are taking me to a higher peak than I ever reached with Free. There is no confusion about the Sharks, everything is so fresh.

    Spedding talks,
    It must be confusing to the public because they only think of me as playing with Mike Gibbs, or someone like that, but I've done many things the public has never heard about, I did the session that produced two Gilbert O'Sullivan hits. 'Nothing Rhymed' and 'Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day'.
    I was into funkier music before my name ever appeared on a record label. People will expect me to play like I did with Nucleus and Jack Bruce but I won't. I have been through so much in ten years as a professional musician that that I can just about play it all now. I have been through all the complicated time-changes and technically good guitar playing and I know I can do it if I want to. Now I'm looking forward to getting into something more simple.

    Their first public appearance seems to be at the Nutters Carnival (Town Hall, Islington) on October 27.


    interesting read!

  14. Bruce Lindfield

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    How am I displaying any attitude - all I am saying is that I am confused as to what this thread is about? How is this - copping a 'tude? :confused:
  15. i'm still at a loss as to why this thread confuses you.

    but, i will admit, i misread you little emoticon, i thought it was the angry face.

    so much for THIS eyeglass prescription.

    so, i take back the 'tude comments. ACK! damn eyes.

    though, i did get you on the JB/SM lineup thingy.


    so, the ah HA stands!

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    Well...:meh:... interesting - I don't recognise that as Soft Machine as such - there are no original members included.

    To me - "Soft Machine" has to have Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper, Robert Wyatt or Elton Dean - to even be considered.

    Soft Machine effectiveley disbanded long before this date - 1981.

    There was a documentary on BBC4 at the weekend about Robert Wyatt which charted their life.

    I think Karl Jenkins completely changed the direction and went against the spirit of what Soft Machine were all about.

    So - I grew up listening to Soft Machine and music like this in the early 70s. So I went to my first gigs in 1973 and I had "Soft Machine 3" in 1971 - it's still one of my all-time-favourite albums!! :)

    So - I know that Jack Bruce never played live with any of the Softs lineups that toured Britain as I was looking out for all of these.

    But as far as the true fans were concerned - Soft Machine died when no original members were left! :(

    That album you linked to, is like these horrible cover tours - where the band are playing old songs but with no original band members...:mad:
  17. as i said, i knew you'd go down this road.


    but, i disagree, and actually like some of the tracks on Cockayne.

    hardly a reunion album. i think a natural progression of what came before.

    don't get me wrong.

    volume 2 is probably my favorite LP of all time.

    and, i have all of Wyatt's solo work.

    plus, i have a printed credit on the Soft Machine CD BACKWARDS. my name is right before Hugh Hoppers.

    so, i'm not blind to the "original members" issue.

    still, i like Softs, alive and well, and LoC.

    some good stuff.

    even though S & AaW may have a few Ratledge thingies...maybe not, i'm not claiming to know all.


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    Hugh Hopper is a great but sadly under-rated bassplayer and composer. I have a book of his sheet music, which is probably the first stuff I tried to play, apart from Led Zep complete!! :)

    But Karl Jenkins is all about coming from a classical tradition and writing beautiful melodies and arrangements - whereas Soft Machine for me had always been about improvisation and experimentation - no matter how ugly!

    So - my quintessential Softs' Track is Hugh Hopper's Facelift from 3 - or any live versions. Ugly Jazz with a bit of rock and a lot of experimentation!! :)
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    What do you think of "Cuckooland" - I am re-listening to it now after seeing the documentary at the weekend. At first I wasn't sure about it - but having seen him making the stuff, I find I like it more and more.

    It has musicians from the UK Jazz scene, who I see regularly at the Brighton Jazz club - like Gilad Atzmon and Annie Whitehead. The trombone player in the band I'm in, has taken lessons with Annie!! :)