Jackson Charvel 2B 1986 - need sound review

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  1. 1) I know what I hear from my current bass, and how it plays too. But would like to know how you find its sound. Comments from non-JC owners are welcome.

    There are lots of topics and posts about Jackson Charvels here but mostly pics and specs (that was close Barry lol). I couldn't find much on you tube as well. Someone posted a sound review of a 1989 model which is very similar to mine but would like more info. For those who haven't heard a 2B, here's the link.

    2) Also, all its tone pots are not working properly. What would be a good/acceptable budget replacement?

    3) Based on sound alone, would you keep it for life?

    Thanks TBers.
  2. zenpeace69


    Jun 22, 2018
    That bass sounds a lot better, and more Fenderesque, than most of the Charvel basses I remember from back in the day. Pointy guitars are making a comeback, and that's got a cool paintjob. I'd keep it if you like the way it plays.
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  3. Thank you for the input man. Actually I have an all black bass that sounds that way. Yes it is easy to play.
  4. amimbari


    May 6, 2008
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I have had a bunch of 2B basses among all the other C/J's I have had to play on. They all sound the same to me - weak and underwhelming just like that video... Unless they are going thru an amp that has a great preamp section in it, they are just blah on the stock pickups.

    At one time I had 2 white ones, a lefty and a righty so taking pictures always looked like photoshop :laugh: I still have the lefty.
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  5. Thank you for that wonderful honest reply brother. Appreciate it.
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