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Jackson CXBNT IV in trans red NBD

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Tommygun_ted, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Well, since I'm starting up a metal band, I decided to trade the fender mustang I bought for playing in a folk group, for something more capable of playing in D standard/drop C. I ordered one of the neckthrough jackson concert bass in trans red. I wasn't sure what to expect from this bass, I've played Jackson's that felt pretty rough, and owned one that was unbelievable for how cheap it was. I've gotta say I'm pretty pleased with this bass. The fret edges are nice and smooth, and the finish is very clean, no runs. The flame top is very intense. It's just a veneer I believe but the striping is very dark. The tuners could be a little better but it holds its tuning well enough. The bass has a great weight to it, it's lighter than my American jazz, I'm guessing from the basswood wings, but the maple core gives it enough weight to balance perfectly. It feels like a larger neck than my jazz as well, closer to my explorer. The tone was very surprising. I wasn't expecting to love the jackson pups as I'm generally more of a passive guy, but with the EQ set flat, the bass has a nice nasally growl, bump up the mids and it absolutely growls. Overall, very happy with this bass. I have yet to try it live but it cuts through very well at practice. And now, some pictures!! And ignore the stripes on the board, shadows from bad lighting. The only big "negative" is the uneven flame between the top and bottom, the arm smudge makes it look worse than it is, and I personally don't mind since the good flame is on the side that doesn't get covered by my arm. 20181209_154214. 20181209_154305. 20181209_211059. 20181209_211113. 20181209_211804. 20181210_200202.
  2. Hard to get it to focus with the glare but the flame on the top half is nice too, just not as defined 20181210_202100.
  3. And some pictures of the back, showing the strip of maple in the middle. 20181210_202633. 20181210_202643.
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  4. Very beautiful, I love that finish. It definitely says “metal”! I didn’t really notice the disparity between the grain of the two horns until you pointed it out, and you make a good point about the top horn being covered by your arm when you play. Just don’t bring it up in conversation and I’ll bet no one really notices!

    Nice score. Have fun rocking it!
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