Jackson JS2 pickup replacement

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  1. I have a JS2 in which I put an Audere, trying to get a little more "oomph", but it still isn't there. I figured that at the price point it comes in at, the pickups probably aren't top of the line. I came across a set of Wilkinson soapbar pickups on Reverb, that look identical.

    Anyone out there have any idea what pickup comes stock in these?

  2. According to Jackson’s website the bass comes stock with “Jackson High Output Humbucking Pickups” which I’m not too sure what that means, Jackson doesnt give a whole lot of information on them.

    Aguilar makes a set that should be a fairly simple retrofit,
    Aguilar DCB Soapbars - Best Bass Gear

    I think that EMG 35HZ pickups should fit, they come with a solderless installation kit as well as the pickups.
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  3. I had read that too. The Wilkinson pickup I had seen seemed to be pretty high output too, so that's why I was thinking they might be the same.