Jackson JS3VQ Mod. (Review)

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  1. I think I lucked up on a fluke. I ordered this bass last year, and was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked/plated and sounded. I liked it so much, I ordered an Ellefson which didn't seem so flukeish (part the made up word). All in all I think I even had a 3rd Jackson bass that ended up going back, but this one has stuck around and the aftermarket items render the guitar unsellable without a more substantial than usual loss.

    The mods are:
    -Hipshot USA Ultralite Y key tuners
    -EMG CXS Active Pickups and active blend knob*
    -Labella Deep Talking Bass Strings. (not a mod per se)
    *The Jackson pickup cavities has different radii and require some filing on the corners to get the EMG pickups to go into place. I put some serious scratches in the finish working in too big of a hurry.

    The tuners really decrease any heaviness on that extra long 5 string head stock. But they are extremely accurate and have a great feel and there is no slippage.

    The pickups are uber hot. The stock Jackson pickups are pretty hot, especially compared to the EMG's that were in the Ellefson, but the EMG's are active and it shows. The original pickups had a good tone, I just detune the low B to a low A sometimes and it was as if the fundamental tone just dropped out of the range of the Jackson pickups. No longer an issue.

    The strings deliver that Deep Bass sound, and maybe to a fault. If strong, bold bass sounds are your thing, here you go! And I have realized how stiff they are recently after reading about them on here, and have some Cobalts on the way.

    The one "issue" I have is that the intonation screws don't get along well with Phillip's screwdrivers. But, upon closer inspection, the heads are combination heads meaning you can use a properly fitting Phillips (though force has proven to be required in my efforts) or you can get a #0 square headed driver/bit. I have one photographed for reference but it does not fit into the end of the bridge deeply enough to function. I have a 3 pack of bits that should do the trick that should be here this week. I also have new intonation screws, and so the bridge is getting new screws when I change out the strings.

    Here is a sample audio track of the Jackson with the stock pickups. The bass is up in the mix a bit just so it can be heard.

    In closing, I am very happy with this Jackson Bass. The issues I had with others probably weren't defects so much as I was holding them to the standard set by this one. I'd buy Jackson again, but I would likely want to hand pick one.

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