Jaco Pastorius - Original 1976 LP pressing

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    Hi Everyone!

    I have an original 1976 pressing of Jaco's LP - the vinyl is in GREAT condition (and sounds unbelievably warmer than any CD remaster I have ever heard), and though the cover is in good condition, it has some minor age degradation.

    The vinyl is in my studio taking up only a little space - and although I love it as a crucial part of bass history, I would like to sell it to someone who is more interested in framing/mounting it, etc...
    The vinyl's "spirit" or presence has granted me much inspiration over the last years, however I am a minimalist, and don't like to hang on to excess possessions.

    From one music lover to another (many), I am wondering what sort of value this vinyl would have?
    Are these common items? I have seen many 2010 reissues on the market, but none claim to be an original 1976 pressing :)

    Thanks everyone! John
  2. Honestly not much. Curious, how are you determining its an original pressing?
  3. theretheyare

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    There's a few doing $10 or less on ebay. Now if yours had an interesting and documented back story... (signed by, kept in the case with the bass of doom...etc)
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    warmer = pops, clicks, distortion, etc.

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    +1 It's a vinyl LP of a person not widely known outside of the bass community I'm saying not much.