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Jaco Tabs (please don't hate me)

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by MikeyFingers, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. I'm new here, and on some other forums I've been on the very mention of tablature can get you exiled, combining Jaco and tabs is practically a sin.
    Anyway, if someone can help me out with the following I will be forever grateful. I've been looking for tabs to the song "(Used to be a) Cha-Cha" FOREVER but I can't find any. I have a book of Jaco's music but it doesn't have this song. It's one of my favorites and I've been searching for these tabs for literally years. If you find them (or any other good Jaco tabs) please let me know.
  2. SimpleMan


    Aug 6, 2005
    Bassmasta.net is probably one of the best basstab sites on the net