Jaguar bass pt.2-identification

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  1. Hello everybody, well, to continue the jag bass thread, I posted some pics of mine. I actually am putting my pics up if anybody can identify it. I don't expect to hear, "wow this bass is worth a thousand dollars!" i'm not to interested in value as much as I am interested in who made it! the only things I can add is that there is a sticker that has the serial number on it and there is a small plate screwed in that says made in Japan. I really like this one, I got it free at a guitar store, and I put in tuners(I got it w/o tuners) I assume that it had fender style tuners before. thats the only modification i made since having it, along with repainting the head (trust me, it needed it, there were chunks taken out everywhere!) and when i got it, there was no name on the head, because as previously stated, there were chunks out all over the place. I like this bass, I want to fix the electronics, like get new pickups, but i don't know how i'd do that considering how they made these pickups.
    well, best of luck to anyone who knows!
    p.s. sorry the pics are a little grainy, but my digital camera is awful.
  2. Charlie, it looks like an Epiphone copy to me. Late 60's early 70's but that's just a guess!

    You might beable to see some dates or names on the guts.


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    Apr 20, 2003
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    Is it shortscale?
  4. absolutely