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Jaguar/Jazzmaster Controls

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Milothicus, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. I think they both have the two sets of controls.....i may be wrong..

    what i'm looking for is the controls that are flush with the face of the guitar. how are the pots wired in there? would it be possible to put that style of controls on a bass?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows where i could buy the control setup from these guitars......or if for some reason, it's impossible...
  2. Do you have a picture by any chance??


  3. no, and no where to host it, either........

    i'll see if i can find one online somewhere.......

    you know what, i found what i was looking for.....
    i think i know what i need to do.....
    thanks, anyway........


    here's the site, so people can see what i want to do.....

    rather than mount the control dials in the usual manner on the face of the bass, i want to put them sidways and set in the bass....like the ones that are just above the neck pickup on the jazzmaster on this page.

    i'll have to make the bracket to mount them and find some knobs that will fit like that, but that's my plan for now...
  4. Don't know where to buy the parts but on my 62 Jazzmaster the controls you speak of were:

    1. a switch to change which set of controls are active
    2. a volume pot
    3. a tone pot

      they controled both pickups together.

      I would make sense that they would work in a bass too

  5. well, right now i'm considering a volume, volume, tone config. but i haven't played much else....i used to have a squier p-bass and i never liked it. it may have just been the bass and the setup (or lack thereof) but i never found the sound i wanted. is it possible to wire it as volume, blend, tone? by blend i mean just a ratio between the two pickups. would it have to be active? i'm planning on building my first bass this summer, so i'm looking at all my options.

    if it matters, i play a fair bit of jazz, as well as rock-type stuff (sounds a lot like dave matthews)

    what other pickup options would make sense to you?
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