Jaguar or P-Bass Flats/Rounds?

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  1. So I recently (a few hours ago) purchased a Fender Jaguar Bass from a Pawn Shop with a case and some case goodies. I'm excited cause I've always wanted one, however, I currently own a Fender American P-Bass with a Bartolini in the neck position and a standard P-pickup in the standard position (Bill Lawrence P-46 on the way though!).

    My non-dilemma is, I have some TI Flats coming in the mail (from Bass Strings Online which was a lot less expensive then anywhere else online) that I had planned to put on my P-Bass but I am wondering if I should put them on the Jag and get Rounds (probably Rotos or Cobalts) for the P-Bass or put the Flats on the P-Bass as planned and put the rounds on the Jag. The Jag needs new strings desperately (there is literally rust covering the strings! :eek: ) so either way both basses are getting new strings!

    TL;DR Put TI Flats on Jag or P-Bass and rounds on the other?

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    I dunno, go with your first instinct. If you find something amiss later on after a few hours/days/weeks playing, just swap strings among your basses. What I don't know, however, is if your Jaguar is standard 34" or short (30") scale. If the Jag is a SS, doing a string swap may be a problema!
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    Put them on the Jag,I have a VM Jag with Chromes and it Thumps so smooth...:bassist:
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    Id go p with flats and jazz with rounds....actually id go rounds with both! Try a few ways put and see which one u like best
  5. I'm leaning towards the flats on the P and some rounds on the Jag...not sure what kind of rounds though