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    I’be been playing in a Ska/Reggae band for 30 years, and am quite comfortable with the songs we play. Recently I was invited to a “jam club” where various musicians gather and play popular songs, using Chordpro on multiple monitors in the room. Via Chordpro, I can see the chords (notes) to play, but if I don’t know the song, I’m just playing notes, not the actual bass line. On top of that, I’m not great at improvising. I’ve been writing out my own tab, but it’s not perfect, and is time consuming.

    I stumbled across Songsterr which appears to do a pretty good job with tablature, and can be “played” so the tab scrolls while the song proceeds.

    Does anybody have experience with this scenario? Would it work for me to start Songsterr on my device while the rest of the room uses Chordpro, or is it going to be impossible due to syncing issues? Any other recommendations?

    Thank you!

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    Hi, Hossinn! I haven't used ChordPro, Songsterr, or any other such aids, though I am somewhat interested. So, I'm with you on this question.

    I like jam groups, too. I think it's a great way to learn to play and improvise. I play bass or chording 6-string guitar but, of course, bass is more often in demand; especially sometimes to help keep the group on the same rhythm! It can be such a jam. For songs I'm not familiar with, I just watch a rhythm guitarist to get the chords (bass notes), like you do with ChordPro:

    But, like you, I realize I may not be, am probably not, playing the unfamiliar song properly. While I am comfortable enough, for my own enjoyment, to go along that way, if anyone cares enough to show me the more correct, if not actual, bassline, well then, I'm happy to learn and try the song again. It's a jam, after all!

    And many of the jams I go to don't have wifi available, sometimes not even decent cell phone service, for ad hoc tab or chart search on the net. And the bluegrass jams I've enjoyed would likely find 10 or 12 variations of each song queried. Heck, sometimes the other jammers are already playing 2 or 3 different variations! So, they stop, decide on one, or a compromise, then take off again. Yep, it's a jam.

    I love it! The spontaneity and improvisation really give the music life, heart, and soul. But, I wouldn't mind a little electronic help when wifi, or cell, is available. So, I hope we get some good suggestions here.

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