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  1. I just found out about this. I was watching the Les Claypool DVD (5 Gallons of Deisel) and during one of the concerts, I saw a banner across the back of the stage. It said "Jam Cruise". I had to think about that for a minute before it finally hit me. A cruise ship....with a bunch of kickass live music? I mean, GOOD music? Impossible. Such a thing is too good to be real. So I Googled it.
    Apparently, it's better then I though. There's a TON of bands playing on this cruise. How have I never heard of this?!? Just the fact that I could see Les Claypool AND Bela Fleck/Flecktones on the same stage was almost enough to give me a happy seizure. Then I read the rest of the band list. I'm going. Next year, 2007, I'm going. I don't care what it takes, I'm saving every cent I have from now until next year and I'm going.
    Anyone else heard about it? Been to it? Anything?
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    Some close friends of mine went last year. They loved it.