SOLD JAM Pedals Lucydreamer and Tech 21 Bass Boost Chorus

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    Tech 21 Bass Boost Chorus - TRADED
    Excellent sounding chorus with mix, boost, and a detune knob to add a chorus effect with no modulation. Pedal has a few chips and scratches in the paint but functions 100%

    Jam Pedals Lucydreamer Bass - SOLD
    Amazing sounding overdrive tuned for bass. Has a foot switch for an extra gain stage with is super handy. Great condition.

    Shipping is included in prices. PayPal preferred other options available. No original boxes for either pedal.

    8E17FC1D-FBB7-4286-B519-DF05A860D094.jpeg 25307E1C-E844-4FD8-AE81-119FBEB17910.jpeg 8AB2AF4E-356B-4A87-820C-B2D01CD1E3FA.jpeg 4E33B37A-24B6-4BD9-BBBB-EFF070AB86B3.jpeg

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