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Jamerson book - Needs to be revised IMO

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by meursault42, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. meursault42


    Jun 21, 2006
    Just wanted to throw this out there. First of all, let me just say that I think the Jamerson book is a magnificent resource, one that has been invaluable to me as a player. But, as anyone who has combed through it knows, those transcriptions are so rife with errors that I think it's about time that a revised edition be released with all of the proper note corrections. I suppose for someone like me who's book is already all marked up, I don't really need it. But for those who are just being introduced to the man's playing by way of the book, I think that it's important to get those notes right. Maybe I'm a nitpicker...i don't know.
  2. mambo4


    Jun 9, 2006
    I wouldn't be surprised if someone on TB knows Alan Slutzky either directly or indirectly.

    Perhaps and "open source" approach could work:
    If a large enough segment of players who have scoured SITSOM and found errors like you describe, they ca all contribute corrections to the project.

    I haven't scrutinized the book like you have, personally...
  3. i imagine that dr al has other projects.....sitsom is 20 years old,and i doubt that he plans to revisit it.....but if you care to share some of those revisions,i'm there
  4. BluesWalker

    BluesWalker Supporting Member

    Jun 17, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    Same here. I have gone through the book to work on reading skills and to learn Jamerson's general approach to playing the bass. I have not critiqued the songs as compared to the original recordings but would really like to see the corrections you describe.
  5. dfp


    Sep 28, 2004
    ditto what the OP said. i've been into that book since 1996, and only last year i note checked every transcription in the SITSOM book over the course of several weeks, and WOW did i learn a lot.

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