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    Jan 10, 2011
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    When I was teaching myself to play by learning albums, I belonged to Columbia Record Club. (Remember that?) I had learned the 1st couple of Grand Funk Railroad albums and the 1st couple Led Zep and was looking for something else to order since I think I had 12 free albums to order, anyway a friend suggested the James Gang 1st album called 'Yer Album'. From then to now Joe Walsh is my fave guitarist for being really melodic and not taking himself too seriously (is THAT an understatement?) I learned all the James Gang albums with JW, when he left I lost interest. ANYHOW...the guy that played bass on 'Yer Album' was my favorite between him and Dale Peters, his name was Tom Kriss. He disappeared after that album as far as I can tell. I think he was a Cleveland guy, anybody know what became of him? I still like his solo on 'Lost Woman' about as well as any bass solo I've heard. Holds the groove, musically valid, not just 'baffle 'em with BS'....
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    I always liked both of 'em.