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  1. I recently started learning What's Going On listening to the isolated track of Jamerson. (yeah, I know it's charted out - but I wanted to get it from listening).

    This one section was hard for me to grasp at first so I looped it with a click track and then slowed it down. This made it much easier to learn - but it just blows me away to listen to it looped like this. Damn but Jamerson was such a creative player.

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    Thanks, cool!
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    Thanks. That made for a good morning workout.
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  4. If it would help anyone - I can post the entire track - Isolated Bass for What's Going On.

    The tempo varies a little bit through the track - from 99 to 103 - most of the time settled pretty close to 101 bpm. What I did was adjust the tempo of the click to match the track (so James' playing is untouched but my click track speeds and slows slightly to match).

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