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James Jamerson

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Bill Brasky, Feb 28, 2001.

  1. I've heard the name a lot, but I don't really know who he is. I know he's played a lot and I've probably heard some songs he's played on and not even known it. Can someone name who all he has played with or some popular songs that he is on?
  2. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
  3. Blackbird

    Blackbird Moderator Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2000
    BB, You've Heard and Been influenced by James Jamerson without even knowing it. If it was on Motown in the '60s and it was a hit, Chances are Jamerson was holding down the bottom end. He was, as you can imagine, Motown's In-house studio bassist at the time.

    Here are just a few well known Jamerson Motown tunes.

    "What's going on"
    "Baby Love
    "I heard it through the grapevine"
    "Ain't no mountain high enough"
    "Stop! In the name of love"
    "Get Ready"

    And hundreds more. The James Jamerson bio, "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" is mandatory reading for any bassist, more than Milkowsky's Jaco book.

    Will C.:cool:
  4. Is it worth getting the book/CD?
  5. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    ...the best $30 I ever spent!
  6. Oh Yes...;)
  7. Starrchild


    Nov 10, 2000
    The Bay.
    James jamerson & jaco pastorius,taught EVERYBODY
    how too play the electric bass guitar.PERIOD.imo.
    every bass player must have his book,my teacher taught me how to read using it.AWESOME book.
  8. FunkmastaJ


    Feb 1, 2001
    Seattle WA
    Whats your guys' favorite Jamerson part? My would have to be from Marvine Gaye's Mother Mother, dont ask me why, because it isnt even close to his hardest. Its just his part is sooo perfect.
  9. I concur! :)
  10. Suckas! I got the book and cds for 7 bucks! :D
    Yeah, it's a good book, and it's got a bunch of his lines transcribed and played by people like Jack Bruce and many other famous members of the bass playing community.
  11. Blackbird

    Blackbird Moderator Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2000
    That would be "What's going on?", from the album with the same name.

    It's so hard to pick a favorite! Every time I hear the tunes I find something new (and I've had the book for ten years). If pressed, I'd choose "For once in my life", by Stevie Wonder.

    Will C.:cool:
  12. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999

    ....WHEN did you finally get around to buying this? That IS the question. :D
    Mine's so old that it only came with cassettes(a major, major drag!).

    Some select favorites from the book-
    "For Once In My Life"
    "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"
    "Darling Dear"
    "What's Goin' On"
    "Home Cookin'"
    "Shake Me, Wake Me(When It's Over)"

    ...I love that little 4-bar bass "solo" in "I Was Made To Love Her"
  13. Starrchild


    Nov 10, 2000
    The Bay.
    that solo is played by Marcus miller,who did a hell of a job playing I was made to love her.
  14. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    ...the original "solo" was JJ; Miller was only playing what JJ played on the tune(& Miller also does a slap/pop thing at the end of the tune...Jamerson never slapped!) ;)

    "I Was Made To Love Her" is one of those tunes that Carol Kaye insists is "her's".

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