jammed with BB King and Buddy Guy and others last night!

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  1. it was a long blues jam, we played a lot of songs. "got you on my mind" was the most fun thing with some crazy feed back going on and everything. i cant remember most of the details but Buddy was running around with a couple of other guys trying to catch him and then the others were running behind him. BB was at his best, playing very little, loving it the most! for a while Joe Satriani was on the drums:eek: and then he picked up his guitar and he started dive bombing and what not taking solos over solos noisy as hell so we guys left him alone so he could do his practice thing :ninja:
    then i think we were at this awesome bar where everything was wooden. i dont even remember what gear i was playing with but it was all blues and just awesome. now i dont care if that was a dream but it was one long jam...surely the best ever! :D
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    Awesome dream. Pure awesome. If that happened in my dreams, I would probably wet my pants:smug:
  4. i hated it when the phone rang so loud in the morning and woke me up. but its not often you can remember even anything!
  5. I seriously started to believe this. Nice dream lol
  6. but it was one of those dreams which you dont forget when you wake up. it was really cool and detailed.
  7. No pics, no dream. :bag:
  8. i was taking pictures so am not in it. joe satriani came in to play drums later :bassist:

    edit: yeah i forgot that some audience show'd up in the middle of the jam too :ninja: